HiTech1 Lubrication/Protection
Comprehensive protection of metal surfaces is created on the up-to-date technology discoveries in the field of lubricants and protective coatings.

The unique SG2 formula creates on the surface the multilayered coating to protect equipment and machinery against negative environment impacts and wear problems with the greatest possible efficiency and to prolong service life as well. The coating quickly attaches to the surfaces, it is moisture resistant and it as a nice smell. Treated surfaces don't require the preconditioning. HiTech1 cleanses of dirt and previous lubricant, make jammed parts of machinery free and oiled, eliminates the squeaks and noise when the device is in the operation.

HiTech1 Lubrication/Protection Universal scope of application is very wide: any metal surfaces, contacting in different joints and home equipment (doors, windows, locks, taps, heating system items, furniture, kitchen and house equipment etc.), vehicles (cars, cycles, bikes etc.), farming and horticulture (farmyard machinery and implements) and so on.
Helps make life more comfortable
Aerosol can: 7.1 fl Oz (210 ml.)
Aerosol can: 16.9 fl Oz (500 ml.)
Jerrican: 20 liters, 25 Liters
Barrel: 216 liters
IBC: 1000 Liters