HiTech1 Silicone Lubricant Spray
Remedy for protecting metal, rubber, plastic, vinyl, leather and other materials and surfaces from negative environmental factors.

Prevents cracking and drying out of rubber and plastic products, renews color, makes them elastic. The lubricant prevents freezing of surfaces, has high penetrating properties and high adhesion. It has no harmful effect on the surface, after application, an elastic film is formed, resistant to oxidation and having good lubricating properties.

HiTech1 – new lubricant quality
Aerosol can: 7.1 fl Oz (210 ml.)
Aerosol can: 16.9 fl Oz (500 ml.)
Jerrican: 20 liters, 25 Liters
Barrel: 216 liters
IBC: 1000 Liters