Motor Vehicles
HiTech1 Lubrication/Protection
It's up-to-date product to care for the chain, metal components and joints of any cycles and motor vehicles.

The unique SG2 formula including special additives cleanses, lubricates and protects the chain and metal components of the motor vehicles, increases mileage between oiling and service life.

HiTech1 cleanses the chain of surface dirtiness, removes rusting particles and previous lubricant residues without damaging the rubber gaskets; lubricates the chain and increases mileage between oiling and service life; creates the multilayered protective coating; can be applied on the wet surfaces, quickly attaches to the surface, moisture resistant; non-corrosive to paint coating; renovates and protects rubber and plastic components; has nice smell. HiTech1 is ideal to care for all the types of motor vehicles.
HiTech1 – longevity and safety
Aerosol can: 7.1 fl Oz (210 ml.)
Aerosol can: 16.9 fl Oz (500 ml.)
Jerrican: 20 liters, 25 Liters
Barrel: 216 liters
IBC: 1000 Liters