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HiTech1 Protection/Lubrication
The unique SG2 formula protects any metal surfaces against negative environment impacts, corrosion and wear problems with the greatest possible efficiency for long. HiTech1 has high rates of lubrication that can be used to prolong service life of any metal surfaces and machinery, eliminates the squeaks and noise when the device is in the operation, gives the smoother running of the drive components (doors, windows, locks, valves etc.).

HiTech1 helps to save and prolong service time of any machines and equipment kept in the farmyard and garden (small and garden tools, welding equipment, lawn mowers, farmyard implements and machinery, exterior decorations and different structures).

HiTech1 has nice smell for as much as comfortable using. It's indispensable for installing and dismantling and repairing works of any products with metal components. HiTech1 renovates and protects plastics and rubber materials for exterior.

HiTech1 softly cleanses, removes surface corrosion, easy entries into tight access places, quickly attaches to the surface, lubricates and protects any metal surfaces and joints for a long time.
HiTech1 – in every single home
Aerosol can: 7.1 fl Oz (210 ml.)
Aerosol can: 16.9 fl Oz (500 ml.)
Jerrican: 20 liters, 25 Liters
Barrel: 216 liters
IBC: 1000 Liters