agricultural equipment and technics
HiTech1 Lubrication/Protection
Protection of metal surfaces, joints and mechanisms from the negative effects of environmental factors, friction, wear, squeak, corrosion.

The product creates a multilevel protective coating on the surface, which repeatedly extends the service life of joints and components of the equipment. Ideal for servicing agricultural machinery and equipment during different periods of the agricultural year (preservation, depreservation, scheduled maintenance).

The processed surfaces do not require preliminary preparation. HiTech1 cleans dirt and old grease, frees and lubricates jammed parts of mechanisms, eliminates creaking and noise during friction, increases the life of the equipment.
Always in action!
Aerosol can: 7.1 fl Oz (210 ml.)
Aerosol can: 16.9 fl Oz (500 ml.)
Jerrican: 20 liters, 25 Liters
Barrel: 216 liters
IBC: 1000 Liters